ARPA GROUP provides integrated engineering services in Feasibility studies, Basic engineering, Detail engineering, Procurement services, Construction and Installation engineering phase to ensure reliable and effective packages designed to meet projects quality, duration, cost, health, safety and environmental requirements.
ARPA GROUP engineering department benefits from skilled and knowledgeable experts working in various disciplines using latest know-how and specialized computer soft wares to design specialized packages for various projects such as:

  • Oil and gas production facilities (offshore and onshore)
  • Gas injections
  • Oil pump stations
  • Gas compressor stations
  • Onshore and offshore pipeline
  • Gas distribution networks
  • Gas treatment plants
  • Refinery works
  • Full range of control systems and utilities
  • Telecommunication and control systems
  • Services for base metal ores extraction plants
  • Design for mineral dressing plants
  • Water supply and distribution system
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Civil engineering

The goal here is to ensure that the planned project will combine an adequate technical solution with maximum return. That is apart from meeting the technical requirements; the recommended alternative must simultaneously satisfy the given financial restraints and economic criteria.