Project Management

One of the most critical elements in completing a project successfully on time and within the budget is effective project management. Every now and then there are news of projects that have gone astray because of lack of proper planning more than any other reason, resulting in delays and increased costs. 
ARPA GROUP management system focuses on time management, cost management, work performance and emphasizes on multifunctional teamwork. We believe No project can go well without meticulous project management; So, Project Management is essential to our business.
We believe in proactive management and integrated problem solving and risk management, which improves efficiency and increases profitability through better utilization of resources.
Knowledge of design techniques, critical path theory, optimization methods and other monitoring techniques are the basis for systematic planning, control and supervision; hence our project managers analyze status of each project utilizing these techniques.
ARPA GROUP uses efficient planning systems and pragmatic attitude to develop realistic schedules for projects and in addition; for Control and management of projects uses most fitting tools, techniques and soft wares while benefiting from professional experts to identify any obstacle in a systematic approach to project analysis's, providing the project managers with required decision making tools in order to achieve client satisfaction.
Risk Management
Protecting the value of a project involves dealing with the uncertainty that will be associated with its delivery.  
We have adopted systematic risk management to maximize opportunities and values and minimize threats. Risk management has improved every aspect of our business and effectively saved time and money for all stakeholders.
For our projects, even the fast-track ones, there are often long and complicated processes in the supply chain. No matter how good a project schedule is or how well resources perform in the execution of tasks in that schedule, if critical dependencies associated with the project are not included in the description of the effort, they represent considerable risk to delivering project value.